hack, hack

Excuse me… It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Life’s been moving quickly these past, ahem, five months. Let’s see.  Well, most of my time has been spent working.  Non-stop, it seems, but that’s really not true.  Still, my life is dominated by the demands of eleven-seventeen and teaching at Lakehead. eleven-seventeen is going well.  Too […]

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A List of Good Stuff

Well, I suppose there’s good news all around: Piers has been alive six years without seriously hurting himself, so we celebrated.  Lobster-shaped chocolate cake with us during the week, and then lots of friends and family on the weekend. I’ve been hired to lecture a full-year section of Introduction to Philosophy at Lakehead University for this […]

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Tick, tick, tick…

I received an email from the department chair today saying that it will be late in May before I hear about the recent sessional postings.  I’m pretty laid back and objective, and so I’m usually a content person, but waiting for the department’s decisions is seeming like a cruel test.  (I can’t actually ‘fail’ this test, but […]

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