hack, hack

Excuse me… It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Life’s been moving quickly these past, ahem, five months. Let’s see.  Well, most of my time has been spent working.  Non-stop, it seems, but that’s really not true.  Still, my life is dominated by the demands of eleven-seventeen and teaching at Lakehead. eleven-seventeen is going well.  Too […]

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If I Had a Hammer…

…I’d probably hurt more people than just myself. I built a picnic table today.  That may not sound like much, but for someone who inherited my father’s carpentry skills, this is on par with building of the pyramids of Egypt. All of them. In one day. And, I didn’t hurt myself.  I can’t guarantee alignment […]

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A List of Good Stuff

Well, I suppose there’s good news all around: Piers has been alive six years without seriously hurting himself, so we celebrated.  Lobster-shaped chocolate cake with us during the week, and then lots of friends and family on the weekend. I’ve been hired to lecture a full-year section of Introduction to Philosophy at Lakehead University for this […]

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