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Excuse me…

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Life’s been moving quickly these past, ahem, five months.

Let’s see.  Well, most of my time has been spent working.  Non-stop, it seems, but that’s really not true.  Still, my life is dominated by the demands of eleven-seventeen and teaching at Lakehead.

eleven-seventeen is going well.  Too well, actually.  It seems that we are at that nasty cusp of having too much work for us to do, yet we don’t yet have money to hire someone to lend a hand.  Or rent office space in order to house staff, and the various capital requirements that go along with that.  The other bad part of being too busy is having client work fall through the spaces between other client work.  Not a good situation.  I’ve seen a few businesses burn up that way, and it’s never a good thing for your reputation.

Teaching has also been filling up my timetable more than expected.  As usual, I overestimated by abilities and memory.  The first few months were pretty crappy – poorly prepared, unorganized, unclear, sometimes outright confused…  Yet… I managed to maintain more students than the other profs.  (Yes, it IS a competition).  Anyway, I got my head straightened and followed through.  There are four classes left this year, and I’m feeling reasonably settled with how the year has progressed.  No teacher-of-the-year, but I’ve still managed to earn the trust of the class, and that’s my biggest concern.

Work, teaching, kids… not much left for anything else.  I’m looking forward to the sailing season now winter’s loosening its grip a little, but I’m not really sure how that schedule’s going to play out.  It’s a Trans-Superior year, and the captain is keen on the entire Lake Superior Yachting Association offshore calendar.  We’ll see.  We will see…

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